What’s the Weather Like In Bath, Maine?

Beautiful Bath, Maine has a variety of weather conditions throughout the year. Overall, the average high temperature is 56 degrees, and the average low is 35 degrees. Sure, we have chilly winters, but the summers are warm and beautiful.

In the summertime, Bath, Maine can get hot! Record highs have reached 100 in June and 104 in August. We’re talking about Maine, near the Atlantic Ocean, right? Yes. Generally, summertime temps in Bath are in the comfortable range between 70 and 80 degrees.

Think of it this way: the winters are chilly and typical of the Northeastern USA. Bath’s winter weather is considered to be mild when compared to the Midwest. The summers are warm, sometimes hot, and that’s when tourists flock to Bath the most.

Over the course of a year, precipitation is steady, with about 4 inches of rain or snow per month. If you’re planning a summer getaway at the Travelers Inn in nearby Brunswick, the least rainy months are June, July and August.

See the leaves change color in Maine as summer ends and autumn begins. September temperatures are typically 60 to 70-degree days, while October and November bring cooler temperatures from 35 to 55. Snow’s on the ground about 18 days a year, and springtime sees temps in the 45-60 degree range, with sunny days in April and May.

Known historically for its role in the shipbuilding industry, Bath is a good place to visit year-round. In the winter months, people come to Bath to hike or snow-shoe through the woods at the Thorne Head nature preserve for a short walk to Merrymeeting Bay, or, for the more hardy, an exploration of the entire 5-mile Whiskeag Trail. During the warmer months, people flock to the Farmers Market on Saturday mornings at Waterfront Park on Commercial Street to buy local produce and artisanal goods.

If you’re thinking of visiting Bath, Maine, stay nearby in Brunswick at Travelers Inn. Call us at 207-729-3364 or visit our website for reservations—we’re a great place to stay for your Maine visit, any time of the year.