Three Ways to Spend Spring Break in Maine

Spring break is almost upon us, and you know what that means: it’s time to get away from the ordinary and experience something wonderful. While most people look south for their spring breaks, there’s no reason that you can’t do something different like head north and explore Maine. The state has a lot to offer for spring breakers and is arguably cheaper than most southern destinations. Let’s explore three ways you can enjoy your time off in Vacationland.

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park has a lot to offer visitors. If you are someone who prefers getting fresh air and being outside, this is a wonderful option for you. There are a wide variety of hiking trails and wildlife in the park. The “billy goats” out there will love a chance to climb a new mountain, while others may choose to climb the ledges of Otter Cliff, South Bubble or Great Head. There are also spectacular views of the sunset on Cadillac Mountain and a full range of other outdoor activities to enjoy.

Casco Bay Islands

Maine also has the Casco Bay Islands. As the Maine Office of Tourism notes, these islands – also called the Calendar Islands – offer a range of adventures. Located off the coast to the northeast of Portland, the islands are great destination. Year-round ferry service runs guests to Peaks Island, one of the largest islands that is also home to a rich history, an artistic community and even the 5th Maine Museum. The island has bicycles for rent and offers guests a chance to take golf cart tours of the island. It is a quaint little sea town that is a must-see visit to the Casco Bay.

Water Activities

While ferrying to the Casco Islands will take out on the water, it wouldn’t be a true visit to Maine unless you went out on the ocean. You can go on a whaling excursion and view different types of whales in the New England waters. If whaling is not your speed, you could also go for a ride along in a lobster boat. There are plenty of boats always heading out to pull red gold from the sea, as Maine Lobster notes, and it’s a perfect opportunity to see how conscientious fishermen catch lobsters and promote a long-term, sustainable and healthy marine environment to allow these treats of the ocean to thrive for years to come.

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