Take in the Beauty of Space at Blueberry Pond Observatory

When you vacation in Maine, there are so many amazing activities that are at your fingertips, from sun and sand to hiking to historical sight-seeing. But did you know that located just a few short minutes from the Travelers Inn is the incredible Blueberry Pond Observatory?

The observatory was built in 1999, following advancements in the technology of digital astronomy, and was meant to be a collaboration site for colleges in the area. Located about 30 minutes from three major cities in southern Maine, the observatory is close enough to entice city tourists, but far enough away that the pollution from the cities doesn’t interfere with the view of the night sky.

Every year since its founding, the Blueberry Pond Observatory has added the newest technology in astronomy and the highest quality telescopes to its facility. In 2008 for example, a new telescope called the RCX400 replaced the old telescope at the facility, and has produced sharper images, greater ease of use, precision focus and less sensitivity to nighttime temperature fluctuations. This telescope also has even more robotic capabilities.

A trip to the Blueberry Pond Observatory and a two-hour guided tour of the stars is perfect for people who are interested in space, and a great evening activity for families with young kids.

When you attend a guided tour on a clear night at the observatory, the facility’s expert staff will draw upon their years of experience to show you the stars. First, you’ll look through a telescope, and learn about deep sky objects like galaxies, nebula, supernovae explosion remnants, star clusters, the moon and the planets. Then, you’ll switch over to the digital camera telescope, and compare the view with just your eyes and the telescope to the expanded and sharper view of the digital camera. You can also print out photos of the sights you take in to take home with you.

Meanwhile, back here on Earth, you’ll need a convenient and comfortable place to stay. If you’re planning a trip to Maine as your next vacation destination, call the Travelers Inn at 800-457-3364 to make your reservations today.