Reid State Park: A Natural Maine Paradise

For those who visit Maine in search of an outdoor adventure, Reid State Park awaits, just down route 127 from our Bath, Maine motel. Most people who have a chance to visit Reid State Park leave feeling surprised that a place like it exists around here, even in such a beautiful state as Maine.

The most well-known features of the park are its unique saltwater, sandy beaches that provide nice places for the whole family to enjoy a day of swimming or sunbathing. Of course, you’ll need to wait until the weather is warm, but now is the perfect time to plan a trip for this upcoming summer.

You can walk along the impressive sand dunes, explore nearby coves, or take a hike down one of the park’s trails. This natural treasure at the edge of the Atlantic has something to offer for everyone. If fishing is your thing, you’ll love Reid State Park—just make sure you have the proper permits and are following all regulations.

The park is not all fun and games for humans; It also plays an important role in the local ecosystem. It serves as an important nesting area for birds including terns and piping plovers, some of which are endangered. Bird watching, a classic Maine pastime, is quite popular here. State parks give us a chance to revisit nature in its original form, and to leave parts of it aside to preserve the futures of these types of species.

Reid State Park was given to the state of Maine as a gift in 1946 by Georgetown, Maine businessman Walter E. Reid. The park continues to offer daily access for just $2.50 per person. If you’d like to experience the coastal area surrounding Bath, Maine in its natural form, be sure to pay Reid State Park a visit while you’re in town.