Reasons to Go Antique Shopping on Vacation

When people go on vacation, it’s usually to get away from “the norm.” You know– seeing the same old people and places, all the time, right? So, on vacation, you’re away from home and you’re ready for something interesting– an adventure. One of the fun things to do while on vacation is to visit antique shops. You never know what you mind find there.

The Benefits of Going Antique Shopping

Visiting antique shops will have you feeling like you’ve stepped back in time. Once you’re in the shop, you’re surrounded by a flood of memories. After all, antiques tell stories of what life was like decades ago. You might find a toy you grew up with, or see an advertisement for some long gone product your dad or mom used to use. It’s interesting to look through old signs, magazines, and boxes filled with “memories of the past.” You get to be privy to old conversations, customs and etiquette. These items link us to our collective past.

If you’re looking for items that were well-made, oftentimes antique furniture pieces were made by hand. You’re likely to find wooden pieces that last a lifetime (and then some) compared to the cheap plastic stuff that passes for furniture today. You can also feel good about buying something at an antique shop, knowing you’re doing your part to recycle and reuse something that could have otherwise been thrown away and put in a dump somewhere. Antique shopping is eco-friendly.

It has often been said that visiting an antique shop is a way to go “treasure hunting.” While you most likely won’t be looking for gold, the treasure(s) you find could be in the form of unique jewelry, coins, dolls and/or pieces of art that you cannot get at the local Wal-Mart. Typically, antiques retain or increase in value, so if you pay $100 for an item today, expect that it might fetch $200 in 20 years should you decide to sell it.

When staying at Travelers Inn, you should visit Cabot Mill Antiques, located at 14 Maine Street in Brunswick. It’s a 16,000-foot space filled with more than 160 displays of antiques! There are also several antique shops on Front Street in Bath, Maine, which is less than a fifteen minute drive from Traveler’s Inn.