New Exhibits Coming to Bowdoin in the New Year

The residents of Brunswick, Maine know that many people travel far and wide to visit our charming New England town. What makes Brunswick different from most other towns of this size is the consistently culture-rich exhibitions and events that take place at Bowdoin College. The college has a full slate of exciting art and history already in store for the new year, so let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights of what’s coming to Bowdoin in 2017.

Perspectives from Postwar Hiroshima” is a moving showcase of artwork from post-World War II. This exhibit began as an art exchange between children from Hiroshima and children from New Mexico as a reconciliation effort after the war. The artworks on display are all drawings made by children living in Hiroshima in the aftermath of the atomic bomb in the 1950s. The exhibition opens Jan. 10 in the college’s Becker Gallery and will be on display until April 16.

AEGYPTUS Egypt in the Greco-Roman World” delves into the important role that Egypt played in ancient times, specifically during the time of Greek and Roman prominence. The exhibition opens Feb. 2 and will be on display in the Walker Gallery through 2018, allowing visitors to explore the strong cultural influence the African nation had on the world of antiquity.

A week later, “Melting Away: Arctic Cultural Heritage at Risk” opens Feb. 7, providing a topical look at the cultural impact of early cultures living the Arctic and how archaeologists and historians are racing against the clock to preserve historic and prehistoric locations that are being threatened by the influences of climate change. This exhibit will be in the Hubbard Hall foyer on campus through April 23.

Finally, “Modern Medieval: Materiality and Spirituality of German Expressionism” is a conversation that transcends time. The exhibition explores works from the 13th through 16th centuries in contrast with 20th-century art, and is separated into three themed sections – late-medieval art techniques and methods, medieval themes expressed in artwork and representations of medieval subjects in modern art. The exhibit opens Feb. 16 and will be on display in the Shaw Ruddock Gallery until June.

These are just a few of the many great cultural exhibits coming to Bowdoin College at the beginning of 2017. Plan your trip based around the exhibitions that speak to you most by looking through the museum’s calendar of events.

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