Math and Art – No, Not Paint by Numbers – At Bowdoin College

Bowdoin College has a new exhibit that is bound to mesmerize you. Normally, we think of math and art as being two separate entities. Math-oriented minds tend to be technical and precise, while artistic minds tend to defy rules and logic. If we throw a dash of science into the mix, though, we learn that opposites attract, and that they have in the new SymmetryWorks! exhibit now on display.

SymmetryWorks! is a multi-event project based on the symmetry theories of Frank Farris. The exhibit is on display now Bowdoin College and is attracting all types of people to campus. In the installation, there are multiple seminars, lectures and events planned showcasing artworks created using software express Farris’ theories of symmetry in complicated patterns that the art and science communities alike can enjoy.

The event runs through the end of this week, but fortunately is just one of the many great events that visitors to Brunswick can enjoy during their stay in Maine. The Bowdoin College Museum of Art boasts a wide range of classic and contemporary works in its permanent collection. From the famed photographer Robert Frank to ancient Greek terracotta, Bowdoin College has a diverse and expansive collection. There are also several more great exhibitions planned, including “Art and Artifacts of the Nineteenth Century,” which opens later this week and shows off art from all around the world, representing different cultures and artistic styles. Learn more about the current and upcoming exhibitions on the museum’s website.

The museum is open to everyone, not just students at the school, and people travel from far and wide to see the incredible exhibitions at Bowdoin. There is so much to see that it is hard to do all in one day, so make a trip of it and plan a stay at the Travelers Inn. Whether you have a son or daughter enrolled in the college or you’re looking for a quaint, relaxing getaway amid the rich culture and community of New England, Travelers Inn offers convenient access and creature comforts to ensure a wonderful stay. Each room has a coffee maker, satellite TV and climate control, ensuring comfort at any time of year!

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