Maine Maritime Museum – More Than a History Lesson

With Memorial Day a couple short weeks away, it’s safe to say summer is just about here. Summer on the east coast means beaches, seafood, boats and if you’re lucky – all three! A visit to Maine’s mid-coast ensures a vacation filled with scenic views and a wide-range of maritime history, which is undoubtedly an experience you need to have if you have never been to this part of the states. We know what you’re thinking; the last thing you want is a history lesson while you are on vacation, right? Wrong! The Maine Maritime Museum has so much more to offer than just ship history that even if we wanted to, we wouldn’t be able to touch on all.

The museum hosts a variety of on-site tours but one of our favorites is the Treasures of the Museum Tour. Visitors will be able to tour the various vaults holding more than 21,000 artifacts. A curator will guide you, sharing unique and intriguing stories behind the different pieces. No two tours are alike and you never know what types of treasures you may encounter during yours!

The museum goes beyond its walls; in fact, it heads out to sea! From June until October, the museum takes its visitors on river cruises that explore area lighthouses along the Kennebec River. Ranging from one to five hours, these excursions are great for the maritime history buff who wants to get outdoors and right in the action.

Similar to the river cruise, the Maine Maritime Museum also offers trolley tours. The tour surrounds an employee of Bath Iron Works who guides you through Maine’s shipyard. Visitors will hear the inside scoop and exclusive details about how Navy ships are constructed, history of the yard and elements that you can see through Bath.

The right-in-the-action style of these tours makes the Maritime Museum unlike all others. Your day(s) won’t be spent inside an air-conditioned building, staring at artifacts kept in glass enclosures. Whether you choose the river cruise, trolley ride or both – you are sure to learn something new and have a blast doing it! For tour options and pricing, visit the Maine Maritime Museum website today!

(Posted by: Kiran Patel of Travelers Inn)