Explore the Tastes of Maine on the Maine Beer Trail

When you think of Maine, you probably think of lobster tail, really good seafood, skiing and scenic waterfront views. But did you know that Maine is also known for its many breweries?

Today, Maine has about 50 craft breweries within its borders, and is responsible for the production and distribution of hundreds of unique and delicious beers per year. In 2009, some beer lovers in the area created what today is known as the Maine Beer Trail. This trail offers an interconnected map of all of Maine’s best breweries, laid out in an epic brewery crawl. Head to Rocky Coast Brewing in Ogunquit, Black Bear Microbrew in Orono, and The Bag and Kettle Brewpub at the summit of Sugarloaf, and many more.

Since there are 50 breweries on the list, you probably can’t hit them all in one day, but you can tackle many in the same region during a trip to the area. Plus if you visit 10, you’ll receive a Brewers’ Guild hat; a visit to 20 breweries gets you a T-shirt.

If none of your friends want to be the designated driver – and who could blame them with so many great beers to try – hop on the Maine Beer Trail Brew Bus, and enjoy snacks, trivia and even more beer while you travel from one brewery to the next.

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