Easy Ways to Save for Vacation

Thinking of traveling to Maine this summer for a quaint and quiet getaway weekend or a long vacation? Everyone deserves a vacation, but oftentimes affording one becomes the reason families stay put in the summer. However, there are some easy ways to make small changes in your life or your daily routine that can make saving for vacation a snap. Check out these tips to ensure your family gets to experience Maine this summer.

Take Time to Unclutter

Put your spring cleaning to good use and go through items you are willing to sell for some extra cash. Think about clothes that don’t fit, items you no longer use, books you haven’t read in years, and so on. If you have time, host a spring garage sale to sell your items, or take to the Internet. Getting rid of these items will both clear up your clutter and earn you some extra spending money for your trip.

Cancel Memberships and Subscriptions

Speaking of decluttering, do you keep receiving magazines or other newsletters in the mail that end up in the recycling bin? Save yourself some money by canceling subscriptions to publications you no longer read. In addition, if you have memberships to gyms or other places that you do not frequent, cancel these as well. There is no reason to continue to shell out money to a gym you may go to once a month when you can get outside and exercise in the summer sun for free.

Walk or Ride Instead

Filling up your gas tank costs a pretty penny, even with prices as low as they’ve been lately. To help you save for your trip, consider new ways to get around town. If you live pretty close to work or need to make a short trip to the grocery store, consider walking or biking. Maybe you can start a carpool with your coworkers to save everyone some money. Public transportation offers even more ways to travel, and typically costs less than filling up your tank every few weeks.

Quit the Fast Food

Cooking your meals at home can save you money, too. Try to buy food out less by taking a packed lunch to work or set up a potluck lunch where everyone brings in something small from home to share. You can save even more if you brew your daily coffee at home or go without some mornings rather than shelling out a few bucks for lattes each day. By eating at home and avoiding fast food, you’ll see the money in your trip fund slowly rising toward your goal.

Save Your Loose Change

Often, our spare change gets left in pockets or in cars, getting lost in the washer, stuffed into the couch or left in cars for months on end. Instead of letting this change disappear to these forgotten spots, set aside your spare change each day in a jar or other container to save for your trip. Saving just a little each day will quickly add up, giving you some extra money when it comes time for your vacation! Encourage your entire family to do so to save even more money.

Heed these tips and you’ll have the money to travel to beautiful Maine in no time! Of course, you’ll need a place to stay while here and there’s no better place to rest and relax than Travelers Inn. Located in Brunswick, we offer great prices and access to destinations throughout the region from our convenient, clean and comfortable inn. To learn more or to book a room for your trip, call us today at 207-729-3364.